—  Providing opportunities for a wide range of industries - businesses big and small

—  Facts

Fourteen is the only sports magazine dedicated to the promotion of Kuwaiti athletes.

Fourteen is the sports only magazine that delivers a mix of big-name sporting interviews, intelligent investigation pieces, highlights local talent, and covers local competitions. 

Fourteen is the only brand serving this market with a comprehensive suite of content offerings and services on all major platforms.

Fourteen is the only sports magazine that simultaneously publishes in both English and Arabic.


—  Availability

Our magazine averages a monthly 11,000 visits with a growing daily average of over 400 visits.

Fourteen is available on our website, social media, and on screens at the Radisson Blu.  For more information please refer to our Media Kit





AC Milan Academy
American University of Kuwait
Australian College of Kuwait
Costa Coffee
Elevate Wear
Flying Start Triathlon X
La Hoja Lounge Cafe
Li3ib Application
Maki Restaurant


Monty’s Bakery
Pro Bar
Red Bull
Sports Technology
Total Football Academy
Wild Coffee
Y Athletics



North Face Challenge Race
University Athletics Association
GulfRun (Event)
Potential To Inspire
Fitness Lab (Gym)
Flare Fitness (Gym)
Flare Fitness Festival (Event)
Fying Start Triathlon X


Radisson Blu Fun Run
Red Bull Bar Bahr (Event)
Red Bull Reign (Event)
Kuwait Woman's Football League
Wadha Racing
Plus10 Sports Brand
Lyfe Cycle
North Face Challenege